Best table and Chair for Kids India 2020

About Best table and Chair for Kids India 2020

table Chair for Kids
Table Chair For kids

Table Chair For Kids Features

  • Product Dimensions: Length (49.5 cm), Width (37 cm), Height (51 cm)
  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Color: Red & Blue, Style: Contemporary
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Primary Material: Polypropylene
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Aesthetically designed which will be liked by kids


Treat the apple of your eyes to this beautiful and useful piece of mini furniture and watch them jump with joy. The Apple Kids study set is light, spacious and compact. On the other hand, it has room for the toddler’s books, crayons, pencils and other stationery and for even some toys.

The desk (kids product )will organise the belongings and at the same time instil into the child a sense of responsibility towards one’s things.The chair and table look wise super cool, the color combination adds the extra beauty to it.

Talking durability it may vary upon how it is used by children. I brought it for my nephew on his 3rd birthday and he enjoys it very much so far. This chair is good for children ranging 2 to 7 years, I’m telling you this because my nephew’s cousins who are of 5 to 7 years also fits perfectly in it.

This is all of the plastic but plastic is of good quality. The lid of the space provided with it seems not much durable. I think it will break by the time.
In some reviews, it has complained that the nut provided with it doesn’t fit, but in my case, it is all fine here.

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